Harrington Flowers


New Hampshire Wedding Magazine has had the pleasure to work with harrington flowers, and we were

blown away by the creativity and craftsmanship that Brad and the entire team at Harrington Flowers

did for our collaboration on the “Ballerina Brides” feature. Brad Harrington is the owner and started

to work in the floral industry at 19 years old. He was in love with the art of floral design. He worked

at two individual floral shops and built up his confidence in himself as a floral artist. He then decide

to branch out on his own and started his own shop, Harrington Flowers, in May 2011. In his first year

open, he designed over fifty weddings and quickly became the store and full service florist he is today.

Brad relays heavily on his team. When I spoke with him while we were setting up for our photo shoot

with his team member Chad, he was quick to tell me that it was the entire team that put in the effort to

design the creations he brought to us for the day. He is very proud of his team and all of thier hard

work and love they put into every floral design.

Brad sees the upcoming trends are a way for the couples to stretch thier budgets yet be creative. As

a florist, he tells us, that his job is to help them throughout the process, and create impact designs

instead of trying to fill a room with flowers is not only great on the budget, but a great way to have a

modern wedding with pieces the guests will be talking about.

Brad and the Harrington team is willing to travel throughout New England for weddings, as long as

they are available. The company motto is, “Let us design something for you!” Company vision, is taking a

clients vision and making it a reality!