Baker: My Friend’s Bakery – owner Lara Vanasco
Photographer: Lauren Bodwell Photography

My Friend’s Bakery is a custom cake and dessert studio that offers

everything from traditional wedding cakes, to cupcakes, cake bars, dessert tables, and

whoopie pies.


What got owner/baker Lara vanasco started was the joy of baking when she was

growing up. She then went to culinary school at Johnson & Wales University, and

got her degree in baking & pastry arts as well as culinary arts. Lara has had the

opportunity to work for various businesses, but once she had children she decided to

venture out on her own.


When asked about how she finds inspiration for designs, she told us that she always

finds inspiration in nature. She likes the look of simple, natural, real organic looking

items. She loves flowers and tends to use not only sugar flowers but real flowers on

her confections.


We asked her what it was that set her apart from others in her industry. Lara told us

that she is a small studio, so she likes to cater to the clients personalization needs.

Although she has a menu, it is not a set menu. She will work with clients on flavors

they enjoy so that it is always more fun when creating cake bars and dessert tables.


Lara isn’t always in the kitchen though. In here free time she loves spending time with

her husband and two children. She walks her dog, crochets, and enjoys gardening.