Josiah’s Meetinghouse


Tucked away next to one of New Hampshire’s most scenic roads, Josiah’s Meetinghouse in

Epping awaits those who envision an authentic, rustic wedding with a big helping of country

charm and a dash of modern luxury. Built in 1800 by Josiah Chase, this historic barn boasts

original timber beams. Details carefully placed throughout permeate the authenticity of this barn,

with remnants of an original hay crane from the 1820s hanging on the main beam high above.

The height of the barn’s impressive beam-supported ceiling is grounded by the original

wood-planked flooring below. Soft lighting cast from strings of Edison-style bulbs adds to the

intimacy and old-country charm. Seating of up to 100 guests is available with round tables

strategically placed throughout the main floor.

Encased in railings made of refurbished rebar, parallel lofts perched above provide additional

seating for guests and a bird’s-eye view of the main floor below. Both lofts are conveniently

connected by a centrally-placed catwalk, allowing guests to intermingle and access their own

buffet. The catwalk also provides the opportunity for guests to capture memorable photographs.

An additional space tucked away on the upper level offers the choice of having a large circular

table for additional seating, high-top tables for cocktails, or the always popular wedding photo


A bridal room with make-up lighting, a 3-sided mirror, wicker seating, and antique touches offer

a private and comfortable atmosphere for pre-wedding preparations.

Couples can choose to have their wedding ceremony in the pavilion attached to the barn or

outdoors. The pavilion, which comfortably seats up to 65 guests, offers shelter from the

elements in case of unfavorable weather. Yet with the open barn doors, wedding parties can still

enjoy all the charm of an outdoor wedding. A strategically placed gas fireplace resembling an

old-fashioned wood-burning stove keeps guests warm and cozy on chillier days. The backdrop

for the bride and groom from this vantage point is the picturesque view of the adjacent

landscape’s rolling hills, picket fences lining the fields, and Chase’s Pond. Adding to this natural

and dreamy scenery is an antique red fire truck that pops in the background. A brick path leads

to the “Gateway to the Gazebo”. For outdoor wedding ceremonies, this impressive, handcrafted

structure with a large, rustic red-accented barn door slides open for the “big reveal”, as the bride

proceeds towards her awaiting groom and guests.

After the main ceremony, guests can continue post-ceremony celebrations indoors on the

roomy dance floor, which is tastefully enhanced with professional stage lighting. An impressive,

state-of-the-art DJ station is creatively concealed by an equally impressive glass-faced 100-inch

gas fireplace, featuring rocks ignited in flames of orange and/or blue. A 120-inch projector

screen can be pulled down to showcase photo montages, videos, and more.

Also located in the main barn is a cozy tavern-like bar area with 6 beers on tap. Guests can

mingle in this area and have easy access to the wrap-around porch, where they can enjoy

beers, cocktails, and conversations, kick back on teak lounge chairs or at the large teak table

inlaid with a gas fire pit. The porch is also handicap-accessible with a ramp that is often used for

the father of the bride to walk the bride to the outdoor ceremony.

Additional features include a serving room located on the lower level of the main barn for the

use of caterers. Specific locations in the entryway can also be used to place seating

arrangements, a guest book, framed photographs, and a coffee station. An optional in-house

wedding coordinator can help with rehearsals and ensure your wedding day runs smoothly and


Custom-made sconces constructed of galvanized buckets, providing uplighting in the main barn.

A floor-to-ceiling wall of windows, made of stacked French doors, allowing a generous amount

of natural light to filter into the barn. A reclaimed brick path leading to the gazebo, capped with a

tin roof reclaimed from an older farm. These are just some of the many features that make

Josiah’s Meetinghouse unique and align with the owner’s mantra of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.

With multiple photo opportunities indoors and out, multi-functional rooms, and options within

your budget, Josiah’s Meetinghouse offers rustic elegance with country charm to create a

wedding to cherish for a lifetime.

Josiah’s Meetinghouse is located at 521 Calef Highway (Route 125) in Epping, NH. Bookings

are being taken for dates in April through December. Inquires can be made by calling

603-397-9077. Additional photos and information can be found by visiting 

Written by: Christine Altan