~Age-less Weigh-less~

As many of us have something we do not like about our appearance, or need help with something out of our control, we seek out the help of a professional that can give us the desired results. That holds even more true for a person on their wedding day. As much as I’d like to say “women”, this is also something that men can have as a growing topic in their lives too. The fact is, no one is perfect! The illusion of perfect is what we fabricate in each of our own minds. With that said, you and only you, need to feel at ease with yourself for complete joy on your wedding day most of all.

I’m not talking about seeing a plastic surgeon for a complete face lift like you see on television. I’m talking about the way you want your self image to look to glow a radiant confidence in your photos. It can be things about your face, or it could be that extra fat from having a baby, or a small bump in your nose from when you got hit by a volleyball to the face in high school. No matter what it is, it deserves a consultation with the professionals at Ageless Weighless. They currently have offices in Woburn MA, and Dover, NH for an easy commute. 

“I had some self image issues with my tummy area and my inner thighs. As a mom, I knew it was a hard area to get rid of unwanted fat, but after having Cool Sculpting done with Ageless Weighless, I lost pounds and inches in 12 weeks. I wanted to feel comfortable going on vacation, and when I was finished my 12 week timeframe, I was wearing a bikini on the beach at 42 years old, and felt so much better about myself, and my husband loved the results!”-Carrie

“I’ve been a patient at Ageless Weighless for almost 4 years now.  The staff at the facility is amazing.  I have grown to love these girls and have made strong connections with them throughout the years. I went into her office feeling a little beat up and old as I was entering my forties . I was going through a divorce and needed a mommy make over, and to feel good about myself again. I’ve had numerous treatments with Audrey Rose, including botox, fillers, dark spot correction removal along with weight loss help.  Audrey Rose is a true artist, and her work is amazing.! She really takes the time to explain and help you go through the aging process looking younger then before. I highly recommend Ageless Weightless, and I recommend her to all my family and friends”-Jocelyn

“Audrey is a true professional! Her team at the Dover office are so pleasant and always make me feel so welcome.  I honestly cannot imagine trusting anyone else with my treatments (Botox, Laser treatment, Restylane and Juvederm). She has made me feel absolutely beautiful, and has educated me every step of the way, As an esthetician, I felt so nervous having my first fillers done, but she totally put me at ease and my results were absolutely perfect and everything I wanted. I had so many compliments and I will continue to refer my own skin care clients her way! -Kristina

“Being someone with natural (genetic under eye circles), I have spent my whole life being insecure, wearing sunglasses as much as possible, and covering up with extra make-up, having my tear trough filler has changed everything!!! Audrey is a master of her profession, I completely put trust in her and it was one of the best decision I have made to put my face into her hands. Immediately I could see the results after a virtually pain free procedure. She made sure the results looked natural and now, I am the best version of myself! The confidence gained from the work she has done is life changing and I always and forever recommend Ageless Weighless to any and all! Whether its a HydraFacial, botox, or a vitamin injection, you can put full trust in Audrey and her team to make you look and feel your very best!! -Kassy