Three benefits of having a magician at your wedding.

Imagine being at the cocktail hour of a friend’s wedding, when you are approached by a person who offers to show you something incredible. Within moments they are pulling hundred dollar bills out of thin air, making objects appear in your hands, and bringing out great joy and laughter to the table. This person is a magician! Now I know what you’re thinking… a magician at a wedding?? What an “outside of the box” idea!?! Well, in Europe, a wedding magician is an extremely common practice. You get the cake, you get the band, and you get the wedding magician. It’s so common that many magicians ONLY specialize in weddings. The next big question is why is this such a common practice? There are many reasons why bringing a high-quality, specialized form of personal entertainment to your big day can have  a tremendous impact on your guests. Let’s take a look at the top three:

Eliminates Downtime

Close up magical entertainment is perfect for the cocktail hour when the bride and groom are having their photos taken. This is a time when guests are settling in and essentially waiting for the big event to start. This can lead to a dreaded window of boredom. The magician’s job is to eliminate this downtime and keep the guests engaged by performing incredible feats of magic inches from your guests’ eyes. This is an incredible way to break the ice and bring friends and family together on your special day.

Adds a Special Surprise

So many weddings feature the exact same themes and elements. Think about all the amazing but common themes you see on websites like Pinterest. Magic is a way to break that wedding mold. Especially since a wedding magician is not common in the USA. You can be the trendsetter amongst your friends and family by bringing something uniquely exciting to your wedding. Your guests will thank you for this special surprise that provides them with the best possible experience.

Creates a Lasting Memory

Having a great magician will enhance the magical atmosphere and help create a positive lasting impression. If your wedding has a theme, a good magician can work that theme into their performance, helping reinforce the magical atmosphere you are creating. Because most people have never experienced quality magic, close up, it is often a memory that they will remember for years to come. It will be a something that stands out to them fondly when thinking back on your wedding.

A great wedding magician knows it’s not about the tricks he performs, its about bringing your guests together and giving them special attention on a very important day. He knows the magic doesn’t happen in his hands or in your mind but in the hearts of your guests. This special shared experience amongst your family and friends will help make your day the most magical day of your life!

The author, Anton James Andresen, has been a professional Magician, Speaker, and Creator of Unforgettable Experiences for over 20 years. In 2017 Anton James Andresen was named The Official Magician of Salem Massachusetts, a title created specifically for him, by The Massachusetts House of Representatives, Massachusetts State Senate, and Salem City Council. If you would like to learn more about how Anton can bring magic to your special event, visit