Huntspoint Meat Company has always been about one thing: Finding the best meat in the world and bringing it to people who know the difference between what you find at the supermarket and truly world-class meat. As lifelong BBQ fans, we grew up knowing and loving great meat, but when we decided to make our passion into a business, we knew we needed to be experts. So we hit the BBQ circuit, talking to competitors about where they get their meat, the secrets to telling the difference between superb cuts and stuff that’s just pretty good, and, of course, how to prepare meat so that it comes out perfect every time. We listened. We learned. We ate a lot of great BBQ, and made some great friends. So stop on by, grab a bite, get something from the store, and– also new this year– we now offer event catering in NH, Boston and north of Boston, and the Maine seacoast. However you want your great BBQ, we’ll get it to you one way or another– overnight shipping, bringing it to you, or serving it to you on a plate right here.

Johnny & Lovely Love
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