A couples first look……

There are so many pieces that add up to make the masterpiece of a wedding day. So many pieces in fact, that the day often whips by in a blur, and by the end of the day you’re standing there with your partner, looking at each other and going “Wow–we did it–is it the end of our day already?

That is why I encourage my couples to consider implementing a “first look” on their wedding day. A first look gives couples the opportunity to just pause for a second, and really soak in the moment they’re truly in. No prying eyes, no Auntie Sue with her iPad leaning in the aisle blocking your partner’s first view of you coming down the aisle; just a moment of calmness with you and your partner with no other distractions around.

As a photographer, the first look has become one of my personal favorite moments of a wedding day because it’s as if time slows down. It’s comparable to walking into a bubble, and in this bubble my couples have the opportunity to let the stress of the day melt away and everything around them freezes. It’s as if you’re standing in the middle of New York City, and the hustle and bustle just stops, and the only thing there is you and your partner. This bubble gives my couples the chance to take a “snapshot” in their memories because it gives them the chance to just stop for a moment and really take everything in!

This is one of my favorite moments because in this bubble I get to witness two people who have been through unmeasurable challenges together; whether that be family dynamic challenges, economic curveballs, grief, massive life changes–and yes, even a worldwide pandemic–finally come to the moment that they had been dreaming of since those four words were uttered.

If you find yourself in the midst of wedding planning, and you’re unsure if you want to do a first look or not, if you’re worried that it may ruin the walk down the aisle–pause for a moment. Picture your wedding day, and picture you and your partner in this bubble. Imagine what it would feel like, look like–picture your “snapshot” moment. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain from doing your first look.


Destinee LeBlanc Photography