Wedding Fashion

Besides her groom, nothing is more important to the bride on her wedding day than her dress.

Fantasized about for years, many brides know exactly what kind of beautiful frock they want draping their bodies for the big day. They walk into the bridal shop with laser focus, blind to all other possibilities of dress, only to be faced with the sales consultant, ready to set things straight.

Practical Matters
Yes, the strapless dress you have in mind may be perfect for you. However, have you thought of what happens with lots of champagne and dancing?

Depending on the fit of the dress, you may find yourself constantly pulling up your bodice so as not to give your 81 year-old Grandfather a peep show. The chance is yours.

Prior to actually trying on a wedding dress, my idea of the perfect gown included off-the- shoulder sleeves. Never mind that the selection of this type of dress is very limited, the sales person burst my bubble, and thankfully so, when she said I would have trouble lifting up my arms in it.

Of all the challenges leading up to and during my wedding, not being able to lift my arms was one I wanted to avoid.

Listen to your sales consultant – she knows what she’s talking about.

Pick a Wedding Dress for Your Body Type
Let’s be honest, few of us look good in every style of dress on the market. You may be heavier on top or on bottom or nowhere at all, and that is why picking a dress for your body type is most important.

Ask your sales consultant what looks best on your type of frame and have her pull a few different dresses to try on. Some brides find it helpful to bring along their mother or friends to help them decide. Ask them to be honest with you because they may see aspects of the dress that don’t work for you. Don’t take critique very well? Then just bring the one friend who always nods and agrees with everything you say.

Take your Time
Don’t feel pressured to buy a dress right away. Some of you may be spending thousands and you should be comfortable with the decision, not hurried. Most bridal shops take a hefty deposit when ordering the dress. There is no point of return once you plunk down the credit card.

Shopping for a dress that will make your fiancé melt should be a fun experience. If you find yourself stressing over white vs. ivory, how much to spend or whether a butt-bow will look ok on you (it won’t), then stop and take a break.

The perfect dress is waiting for you and you will know it when you see it. One thing is for sure; you will look beautiful on your wedding day!